Jesse Mann

a bit about myself

Hello! I'm Jesse.

I am a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and motion designer based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I like to create simple illustrations and fun short animations to create stories. I have always been creative, and I want to be able to create things that help and bring joy to others in the process. I began developing my digital illustration skills in early 2014, where I started digitizing old drawings. Later that year, I started posting my work to Instagram to share with others, otherwise it would just be sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. If you don’t want your idea collecting dust, let’s connect and create something great together!


motion graphics by Smalllike from the Noun Project
Motion Graphics

Make your ideas come to life … literally

illustration by Komkrit Noenpoempisut from the Noun Project

Communicate messages with visuals

Idea by Komkrit Noenpoempisut from the Noun Project
And More

UI/UX Design & Logo & Branding