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Duffer's Chip Wagon


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About Duffer's

Duffer’s Chip Wagon is a chip wagon from the city of Belleville, Ontario, Canada and the Tweed region. Duffer’s is family owned, and it is one of the largest chains of food trucks around, with approximately 8 trucks total. Most food trucks around have about two or three. It started out as a coffee truck in 1979 and later had the addition of French fries in 1981.

Original Logo

This is the original Duffer's Chip Wagon logo. It is very illustrative, which works when it is blown up like this, but it doesn't scale down very well.


Ideation Stage I

While brainstorming ideas, I decided that I wanted to stay with the country look and keep some of the imagery associated with it.

Ideation Stage II

Quite a few iterations later, I had 2 variations of style for the logo. It was between a singular pictorial or a monoline badge. A pictorial mark was then settled with. The monoline badge versions were not very responsive and didn't scale well.

Final Result

Illustrative Element

The Truck

To accompany the logo in the rebrand, this illustration of the Duffer's truck was created to bring more character and fun to the brand.

Pantone 2905 CP
C:45 M:1 Y:0 K:1
Pantone 3005 CP
C:100 M:31 Y:0 K:0
Pantone 295 CP
C:85 M:59 Y:7 K:46
C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0