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About the Project

This app started as a school project in 2019, but I felt it needed an update about a year later with new skills. It was created to address one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDG chosen was Climate Change. It was built around the idea of making reducing your carbon footprint fun. The app had to be visually appealing and simple for everyone.

UI Design

Original Design

The idea of this app was to make reducing your carbon footprint fun. Although the idea was there, the design was not. The original was boring and unpleasant to the eyes. There was pretty much one colour used, making it feel cold and very corporate for what it was.

Lo-Fi Wireframes

These are the main 4 screens. There is the homepage where you can view your current progress, compete in challenges, have a digital wallet to store points, and an eco-scale where you can scan or search for items while shopping to see how much it impacts the environment.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

These high fidelity wireframes produce a much clearer vision of what is to be achieved.

Final Screens

The Promo


Most of the logo reveal is hand drawn. Since the app is based around the environment, I wanted the logo reveal to have a very natural look and feel.

Final Video

GreenDen app promo video