Case Study

Roommate Cooking Show


Design Sector

Motion Graphics


~ 1 Minute Animation



About the project

The Roommate Cooking Show is based on the comedy sketch by Gus Johnson. The task for this project was to create an animated short that was based on a piece of voice over audio. With a timeline of a little over 2 weeks, I had to cut the sketch down a bit. Gus’ original video is just over 5 minutes, I decided to just animate the first recipe. View the full original sketch here.



The plot of The Roommate Cooking Show is that creating a bunch of “recipes” that really get on the character’s nerves. In Gus’s original video, it takes place in his kitchen. I though it would be funny and wanted the video to take place as one of those daytime cooking shows.


After creating a storyboard, I sketched up a more detailed storyboard and synced it up with a rough version of the audio to get the pacing and timing down. This also helped me out with getting rough idea of how the characters will look and interact with the scene setting.


When I was happy with the pacing and timing of the animation, I created multiple styleframes to demonstrate the style, mood, and overall design of the piece.


After Effects

Now that everything has been mapped out, I finally had enough assets to jump into After Effects to start animating. Creating the animatic and styleframes, it made it very easy to break the projects into manageable scenes.

Final Animation

The Roommate Cooking Show, Original video by Gus Johnson