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Motion Design

Design Sector

Motion Graphics


~ 1.5 Minute Animation



About the project

The idea of this project is to find a better, more enjoyable, and easily digestible way to learn about wetlands and their importance in the environment. There are many people in the world that either don’t like reading, or they retain information better through video/visuals. This animation should decrease the gap and help everyone.

Original Poster

A few years ago, I created this infographic on wetlands and their impact on the planet. My style has changed quite a bit, and I thought it would be a good idea to turn that information into a fun and interesting informational video.



For this video, I wanted it to have the same feeling that you would get from watching an environmental commercial. I wanted to incorporate fun illustrations that include lots of texture. It also needed to be well paced to keep the viewers attention, but not too fast as to where it is impossible to retain any information, have nice vibrant but earthy colours, and high pitched/energetic voice.


When I was happy with the pacing and timing of the animation, I created multiple styleframes to demonstrate the style, mood, and overall design of the piece.


After Effects

Now that everything has been mapped out, I finally had enough assets to jump into After Effects to start animating. Creating the animatic and styleframes, it made it very easy to break the projects into manageable scenes.

Final Animation

Wetlands: Wild, Wet, And On Their Way Out